It’s the inevitable downside to any movie production: there will always be mistakes! Mistakes abound in every movie and can range from filming mistakes—such as the accidental shot of a car in a fantasy film or the reflection of a camera man in a mirror—to continuity mistakes, such as character’s hair or clothing changing from shot to shot. Marley & Me, released in 2008, is no exception to this common occurance. Let’s take a look at some movie mistakes that can be found in the film Marley & Me.

Continuity Mistake
During the scene when Josh Grogan, his wife Jenny and Marley are taking a walk on the beach to clear the air, they are shown being near some beach debris that has washed up on the shore. However, after Josh asks: “What’s next?” the camera cuts back to the beach, and the family is no longer close to the debris.

'Marley and Me' Vet office

‘Marley and Me’ Vet office

Continuity Mistake
In a scene early on in the film, Josh is shown blindfolding Jenny before putting her in the car and driving to pick out a new puppy. When Jenny firt steps out of the car, the ends of the blindfold (which is in fact, Josh’s tie) are long and hanging down on her back. However, when they reach the porch, the blindfold suddenly changes–it has a different kind of knot, and the ends are short and sticking out on each side of her head.

Continuity Mistake
During the scene where Josh and Sebtastian have met in the office and are discussing the possibility of adopting a dog, John is shown taking off his work bag. However, at one point during the scene, John’s bag reappears, and he takes it off again.

Historical mistake
In the film, Marley is shown running on a stadium field with John. During this sceen, the scoreboard is visible behind Marley and John as they run. The scoreboard lists ‘WAS,’ or Washington. However, Washington’s team did not form until 2004–while the film is set during the early 1990s.

Jennifer Aniston in 'Marley & Me'

Jennifer Aniston in ‘Marley & Me’

Continuity Mistake
During the scene where John and Jen are discussing John’s published article in the newspaper, John is shown picking up a bottle of orange juice with the cap off and pouring himself a glass. In the next shot of this scene, however, John is shown unscrewing the orange juice lid before pouring the glass.

There might be mistakes in the movie, but there’s not mistaking your love for your lab. Let the world know how much you adore them.

'Marley and Me' Argument Scene

‘Marley and Me’ Argument Scene