What’s not to love about a cable provider that can meet all of your programming, internet and home phone needs? These services are affordable but when you bundle them, you get an even bigger monthly savings. Use your cable provider’s services for home programming, high-speed internet and unlimited local and long distance phone service and enjoy the convenience of online bill pay options. Cable TV providers are the one-stop shop for your home service needs. See if Charter CommunicationsComcast Cable, or Time Warner Cable is available in your area of the nation.

Home internet is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Your children have research to do for school and you have online banking and bill pays to handle. With a cable provider, you can have as much as 105 Mbps for wireless research and financing. You also have the option of online Parental Controls that block bad sites and allow you to monitor your children online.

Curved TV will enchance your streaming

Curved TV will enhance your streaming

You can even block internet access if you want to. The high-speed service comes with security software that blocks online threats and protects your personal information from hackers and phishers. It’s a complete service that can provide for the information and convenience needs of the entire household.

Your cable provider has online programming to offer you but if you would rather watch it on your smart TV, you can choose a programming package that best meets your family’s needs. One package can offer hundreds of channels, with thousands of On Demand and Pay Per View selections, plus the movie and sports premiums that give more of content you really want to see.

With a DVR or HD-DVR, you can record all of the shows, movies and sports you want to see and watch them when you have time. The DVR/HD-DVR can also provide a safer home viewing environment with Parental Controls that block programming on the hard drive and on live television channels. You can also use it to rewind, pause and fast forward through your recorded content or the selections from the On Demand and Pay Per View menus.

Stream all shows on UHD TV

Stream all shows on UHD TV

On Demand television offers thousands of selections that include new movie releases, recent episodes from primetime shows, premier events, music videos and more. Pay Per View offers all live programming, including UFC fights, live music events and live standup comedy routines. You can have the programming you want, when you want it, even if it’s live programming.

When you need to hear that familiar voice on the other end of the line, there’s nothing like a set rate for unlimited talking. Talk all you want within the US, Puerto Rico and Canada for a single monthly rate that includes all the calling features you need. You can even use your home phone service for International calls.

When you need a better price, ask about a bundled service package that provides all you need in one monthly bill. A bundle is the best way to save money while you enjoy your quality services. Trust your cable provider with your monthly entertainment and communications needs so that your entire family is satisfied.