Dish Network Satellite TV stands alone as the best provider in terms of convenience, availability, and programming; highlighting great features such as Blockbuster@Home, the Hopper, and Dish Anywhere. Take a look at these popular Dish Network package deals available right now.

The Dish Anywhere service works together with the Hopper HD-DVR. When using Dish Anywhere, you may receive remote access to your specific home programming package, the previously recorded programming on your DVR, and all the available Blockbuster@Home programming. You may watch all your favorite TV shows while at home, the office, or even at the gym using the free mobile app furnished by Dish Network.

Dish at 'CES 2015'

Dish at ‘CES 2015’

No access to Wi-Fi wherever you’re headed for the day? No problem. Dish Anywhere allows you to literally watch scores of media choices anytime, anywhere. Download as many as ten movies or shows prior to leaving your home in the morning so you can easily access them whenever you are ready.

The latest technological advancement regarding Dish, is the innovative Dish Hopper. It offers an entire watch-at-home experience from just one HD-DVR. The Dish Hopper has the capability to record as many as six primetime TV shows simultaneously while offering up to 2TB of hard drive space for everything you wish to view. Also, it can monitor what your children watch on their personal TVs and assist you in finding your misplaced remote control.

Use the Dish Hopper to watch media on as many as four different TVs simultaneously. You may concurrently play up to four programs utilizing just one device so all your family members can enjoy their favorite programming without a squabble.

Dish Network 'Lock Me In Jill' commercial

Dish Network ‘Lock Me In Jill’ commercial

All movie-buffs will undoubtedly fall in love with the service – Blockbuster@Home. The initial three months are free for all new subscribers and comes with Blockbuster’s famous movies, games, and shows along with 20 quality movie channels. Access your media anytime or anywhere via the Dish Anywhere service for your family’s convenience.

Dish Network Satellite TV is the future of media watching and access availability. Due to the vast programming selections, remote access, and low pricing that Dish offers, it’s literally the best provider and service you can expect anywhere. Home Entertainment doesn’t get any better than this!