Lasting seven seasons, Mad Men was truly a hit and well-loved by fans, critics, and apparently the President. Even though the show came to an end earlier this year, fans are still raving about the series, and some TV lovers are just getting in on the action. The show’s momentum hasn’t slowed down since it’s end, and, if anything, talk of the show has actually picked up. But, the creators say no follow-up series are in sight, and hope to leave the storyline alone with the incredibly series finale that tied up all of the show’s loose ends.

Peggy Mad Men

Peggy Mad Men

Fans are still talking about the series, and many have admitted to re-watching (and re-re-watching) the latest episodes, but even if you’ve watched the series all the way through on repeat, there are probably some interesting things you didn’t know about Mad Men, like:

  1. In the majority of the scenes, there’s an actor smoking. Creators of the show have announced that the cigarettes were never real, and the actors were always given tobacco-free and nicotine-free herbal cigarettes. The show’s creators said they wanted to prevent the many troubles real cigarettes cause, especially the agitation and sickness that can be present during filming. Due to the massive amount of scenes that had to be shot (and re-shot) over the years, many of the actors began to admit their dislike for the fake cigarettes, with some describing it as a mixture of soap and marijuana.
  2. In a similar reveal, actors admitted all the drinks were non-alcoholic because of the amount of hours that had to be devoted to filming each day. Jon Hamm was one of the first to announce it, and confirmed that none of the cast drank alcohol on set due to the hectic setting.
  3. Surprisingly, in March of 2015, Jon Hamm also admitted that (along with his character) he had developed an alcohol addiction, even though no real alcohol was used on set. Jon soon announced his success with a 30-day rehabilitation program.
  4. While many shows take advantage of the fact that improvisation can lead to great discoveries for plot twists and further character development, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said that no improv is allowed, and scripts have to be followed word-for-word. This is likely because of Weiner’s plan for the show, which he made far ahead of time.
  5. Unlike some writers who let the characters and the reaction of fans guide the plot, Weiner announced in 2013 that he already knew how the show was going to end, and shared the ending with his wife and a few of the writers. He also had written the original plot for the show back in 1998, proving that he has always used a vision to guide the show, and not critic (or actor) feedback. This has proved extremely successful for Weiner.
  6. While some shows like to build press and excitement during filming, Mad Men was kept under tight wraps. Actors and guest-stars had to sign agreements stating they wouldn’t share anything about the plot or other cast members, and guest-stars couldn’t even admit they had a part on the show to anyone until after the episode aired. In between seasons, much suspense was built as fans awaited for the official announcement of who was casted.

The show’s unrivaled success is obvious to fans around the world, and the actors have all admitted that they thoroughly enjoyed their parts. While many times it has been said that the original casting was unclear (with Jon Hamm almost being denied the part), fans, critics, and previous cast members agree: Weiner and the stars did a perfect job of making the pilot into a compelling series.

Elizabeth Moss as 'Peggy Olson' in 'Mad Men'

Elisabeth Moss as ‘Peggy Olson’ in ‘Mad Men’

With presidential attention, Mad Men made its way through years of loving fans and over 200 nominations. Today, Mad Men is still referenced by many talk show hosts, and the stars are still getting attention for their roles. Fans have continued talking about the show, and so has creator Weiner. While Matthew Weiner has said he had planned the ending well ahead of time to make sure the show stayed on track and had direction (also adding he wanted to tie up the loose ends with a quality pilot), fans are still pressing for a new season. But, Weiner has made it clear: the show has ended, but the story hasn’t. Every fan has continued their own story, and many debates have raged on about what the characters would do in a new season, and whether or not Weiner should bring the show back (with the general consensus being a “yes”).

After nearly 100 wins, Mad Men has officially transitioned into a hit show, and fans don’t seem to be letting go of it anytime soon.