There is nothing quite like holding a season or series box set of your favorite TV show in your hands. Although more networks are deciding to release many TV shows digitally—usually through websites like Amazon Prime or Hulu—there is something to be said of being able to own a physical, tangible copy of your favorite show. Let’s look at some of the TV shows that desperately need to be released on DVD—producers, take note!

The Wonder Years wonder-yearsThe Wonder Years was the formative television show for countless people growing up in the 80s and early 90s. But while this show is an iconic example of “coming of age” television, it has yet to get a proper DVD release. The primary reason behind this is due to the nature of older television contracts. The Wonder Years was absolutely filled with great period songs, which is now actually hindering the show’s ability to get a proper DVD release.

The cost involved in getting a music license for all of the songs used in the show would be much higher than most producers would be willing to spend. While the show is available for streaming on certain websites, much of the music (including part of the opening credits) has been replaced with cheap or public domain music.

Batman batmanNo, not the animated series–which is thankfully on DVD!–but the iconic 1960s show starring Adam West. For many people, the original show is both nostalgic and hilarious–the over the top action sequences, quirky fight scenes and cheesy dialogue certainly make for a fun viewing experience. Unfortunately, the lack of a DVD release for the Batman TV series is due to another contractual issue. The character of Batman is owned by Warner Brothers–while the TV series itself was produced by 20th Century Fox and Greenway Productions, which contracted with ABC to air the episodes. All three of these companies will need to come to an agreement before a DVD can be even considered.
King of the Hill kingofthehillThis Matt Groening production has a partial DVD release—up to season six—but a full DVD release of the series has yet to emerge. Seasons 7 through 13 have not yet been released on DVD, although some services, such as iTunes, are offering the full series for digital download.